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Taking one every four to six hours as directed is a good idea during the first few days to suppress pain.Suitable activities include bowling, croquet, golf, doubles tennis, table tennis, ballroom dancing and square dancing.Whether or not the incision can get wet needs to be discussed with your surgeon.

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There are many research studies available that support how a modern partial knee replacement performs.If you are taking any medication, you will receive instructions about safe doses to take in the days leading up to surgery.

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Recovery from knee replacement extends long after you leave the hospital. Because a fall can damage your new knee,.The benefits of an active lifestyle have been well documented.

After surgery, most activities require some reflection and often some modification.However, they are strongly advised against doing activities that produce high impact loads such as running and jumping.You should try to move your feet and ankles while you are in the recovery room to improve circulation.

During a total knee replacement, surgeons reshape your knee joint.You may take up to six weeks off from work, depending on the type of job you perform and how you get to work.The incision usually starts to close within six days and the bandage can be removed.Seven to ten days before surgery, you may be instructed to go to the hospital for pre-admission testing.The paperwork is completed and your knee area may be shaved (this is not always necessary).The surgery is performed through an approximately seven to ten inch incision in the front of the knee.

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Patients who comply with physical therapy exercises tend to recover much faster. (See exercises after knee surgery ) With continued careful attention to your new joint, you should gradually increase your mobility until you can walk around the house without pain and then without crutches or a walker.As your strength and motion improves, you may be instructed on endurance exercises such as long distance walking, cycling, and swimming.

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The goal is to restore your knee motion and resume comfortable walking.

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A nurse will review your medical history and provide you with all the preoperative instructions you need.Once you are strong enough, arrangements will be made for your physical therapy at an outside physical therapy center that is convenient for you.Your doctor may suggest acetaminophen, deep breathing exercises, and spending more time out of bed.

In general, patients who have undergone total knee replacement should avoid high-impact activities that cause high stress loads on the implant and therefore may increase the risk of early failure.Be sure to talk with your nurse or doctor if you feel the medications are not effective.Physicians usually prescribe wearing the stockings day and night for up to six weeks after surgery.Other activities that are suitable but slightly more risky include downhill skiing, scuba diving, in-line skating, ice skating, softball, volleyball, speed walking, horseback riding, hunting and low-impact aerobics.You may have significant pain early on and you should take the pain medicine as directed.A prescription-strength painkiller is usually prescribed and should be taken as directed on the bottle.Following a total knee replacement, you usually stay in the recovery room where there may be several other patients for at least two hours while the anesthetic wears off.