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After having a blood test D demi was told it was off scale 8.8 apparantly.I was stuck on bed rest when she was admitted, trying to recover so I could be with her in the hospital.My doctor poo poos any information on the internet but it saved my life.I am thinking of you and hoping you now have more good days than bad.So phoned emergency number and paramedics came out to check me over.After they brought me back i had to be put into a medically induced coma to help my body recover as my anxiety would of hampered things.I get asked a lot, how long does it take to recover from a PE.

At the end of my treatments, I had never felt as good as I felt then, but it only lasted a few weeks.After the hospitalization I had a home physical therapist come to my house for 4 weeks, monitor my heart while we walked.I am so glad someone else is exhausted, sweaty and has a pounding heart after little exertion.It took me 2 months to start to recover from a bad back, as the rod from the thrombolysis came very close to the nerve which is in the lower back.Back pain can, in some instance be a side effect of thrombolysis, and, as I have signed the risks list, I was aware of the complications, although the backache was not mentioned.

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The upper and lower branches were similarly occluded again with some blood flow around the emboli.Get connected today and receive blog updates, new information, resources and tips delivered right to your inbox.They think it came from her leg that she recently had knee replacement surgery on last fall.

I all of a sudden had terrible chills, my teeth were chattering, I was lightheaded, and it felt like every move I made hurt my chest worse than the move before it.I had my bilateral PE in January and began recovering fairly well around March.

I am so glad you went to the ER and took your health into your own hands.Having god thinned blood is one of the main keys to a successful recovery.It has been relieving in a way to know so many others have basically experienced the same thing that I have.I started crying and my husband was freaking out.They told me if my husband would have not brought me in, I would not have woken up the next day.I think time does play a roll in how we feel and recover, but I also think it is not easily dismissed after all that we have been through.I also find I get confused easily now, and things are slower to process.

It is a hard and lonely place to be in, but I assure you, you are not alone because we have been there too.Life has been much smoother by disregarding all the bullsheeet that used to consume my time.I have seen a doctor and told him I have had blood clots and so far I have just had x Ray and told I have tendinitis.My question is could my recent change in job have been the cause.Thanks for stopping back in, and I am sorry to hear your return to school did not go very well.

Also when I go to Mall and walk or do anything like grocery shopping extreme tired and sweating is horrible.I had a partially collapsed lung where a clot probably damaged the tissue of my lung.I am still on heparin but am also on Walferin which I will need to take for the next 6 months.

Opening any chapter that speaks to your concerns will get straight to the matter with no need to read it beginning to end.

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Then the piercing pain came a few days later, I went to my doc whom happens to be a Cardiologist.

The longer, but still less complicated answer to how long does it take to recover from a PE depends on how your body heals.I was just told by my primary that even though I took test and it is not something in my family history and went off blood clot meds within 6 months that they can come back.I remember where I was at four weeks into my recovery, and I could not do much of anything, but lay on the couch.I want to get out in fresh air to see if it clears my head, but tbh I sleep with my bedroom window open.Which I did and my primary MD had to fight for my insurance to cover.Well I did, and finding out later from the ER doctors my girlfriends pretty much saved my life by having me drink because alcohol is a blood thinner.I am 26 and was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism on my birthday.The vascular surgeon says that surgery cannot repair the damage.My PEs were thought to have been happening over weeks, but was admitted to hospital 10 days ago.

On April 3rd, I felt a little tightness in my chest, like it was hard to get a full, deep breathe of air.I think everyone who has had a lung issue should have access to this therapy.